VECAP (Voluntary Emission Control Action Program)


ICL Industrial Products, which manufactures chemical substances and products, is committed to the responsible management of  its products from the initial development stages and throughout their life cycle. In context of this commitment, ICL Industrial Products has adopted VECAP. VECAP, the Voluntary Emission Control Program, is a designated product stewardship program for management of chemicals. VECAP aims to reduce emissions of flame retardants (FRs) by promoting environmental and process best practices throughout the value chain, from producers to downstream users.

VECAP is based on the principle of continuous  improvement and achieves its goals by:
  • Increasing understanding of chemical management in the value chain beyond existing legislation
  • Promoting and facilitating open dialogue with all interested parties, including industry, regulators and other stakeholders
  • Raising awareness among all those involved in the process, from the shop floor to the boardroom
  • Implementing best practices identified through development of the program.


Under VECAP, ICL Industrial Products has secured commitments to the program from its relevant customers. This partnership, which is part of the industrial supply chain, involves mainly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the plastic and textile industries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Customers using flame retardants to manufacture end products review their production processes, quantify the loss of material using a mass balance, identify the reason for the loss (into the atmosphere, water and soil), and prepare an improvement plan to prevent environmental emissions. Manufacturers of flame retardants that are partners in the program provide customer training for optimal courses of action and support customers by providing information and professional guidance. Since 2009, an independent body conducts audits and grants VECAP certification. All Brominated Flame Retardant production sites of ICL Industrial Products are certified for VECAP.

VECAP History and accomplishments:

VECAP was developed and first implemented in 2004 by the producers of flame retardants in partnership with users industries. The joined program operates under the European Flame Retardants Association (EFRA), a sector group of Cefic (

Since its inception, VECAP has grown significantly. An increasingly large number of companies have joined the program and are taking all necessary steps to reduce levels of potential emissions.  The results of the annual surveys in Europe are summarized in annual reports (link to last report 2010). In addition, the program has extended to additional geographical regions, including North America and the Asia Pacific regions.