Health & Safety


Health and Safety


ICL has set itself a goal of zero accidents.

As a tool to achieve this goal it implements an ORM (Operative Risk Management) system designed to ensure systems for control of operations and to constantly raise the awareness of all who may be involved in safety related activities

In a multi-year outlook, this effort is reflected in improvements and excellence in safety, in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents and near misses, and in daily activities to improve work safety conditions.

ICL-IP’s policy for health and safety includes the following principles:
  • Constant improvement in safety and health targets and their implementation with the aim of reaching zero accidents.
  • Adoption of international standards and compliance with accepted international safety standards; encouragement of a high and uncompromising level of safety and health awareness among employees and service providers, construction contractors, transporters, suppliers and visitors to the plants.
  • Employee improvement. Teams in Israel suggest and implement original ideas for improving safety. Internal achievement competitions are held for safety.
  • Internal training, certification and drills to expand knowledge and increase preparedness are held periodically.
  • Implementation of advanced procedures of behavioral safety, training and accident prevention.
  • A comprehensive training system and control of authorizations for employees, service providers and agency employees regarding safety issues.
  • Environmental occupational safety monitoring checks in work areas as required under the regulations and beyond, to ensure occupational health.
  • Implementation of processes for assessing health risks to prevent exposure of employees to dangerous products and processes at plants.
  • Periodic medical examinations for employees and operation of a system for occupational medicine and preventative medicine inside the plants, in cooperation with hospitals and experts in these fields.
  • Participation in inter-company activities to heighten safety awareness, to learn from experience, and to encourage feedback and ideas.
  • Facilities and response plans for dealing with incidents outside the production plants