Victawet ® 12


Victawet ® 12

Chemical Name:
Oxirane, polymer with 2-ethylhexyl dihydrogen phosphate

General & Use:

Victawet ® 12 is a low foaming, nonionic complex phosphate ester surfactant as 100% active liquid. It is an unusual phosphate ester surfactant due to its lack of anionic negative charge and its water solubility.



Clear Transparent to Slightly Hazy Liquid

Acidity, mg KOH/gm

Color, APHA

Specific Gravity @ 25/25 deg C
1.110 – 1.130

Draves Test, 0.2% Solution, seconds

EO Content, ppm

Phosphorus Content, wt % as P2O5


Dispersible in: caustic soda (5%), water forming a milky solution, cottonseed oil.

Soluble in: alcohol, acetone, toluene

Insoluble in: kerosene and mineral oil




Victawet 12 is effective in both acid and alkaline solutions. It is dispersible in 5% sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide.


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