TexFRon® P+


TexFRon® P+

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General & Use:

TexFRon® P+ is a wash durable water-based brominated acrylate copolymer, combined with an additive which provides solutions for flame and smoldering suppression, when wash durable FR coating and backcoating formulations are required.


TexFRon® P+ complements the general purpose TexFRon® P+ , to efficiently cover the full range of coating application from 100% polyester fabrics to 100% cotton fabrics and any combination in between.


TexFRon® P+ has the following properties:

  • Chemically bound bromine within an acrylic copolymer dispersion.
  • Inherent FR properties.
  • Flexible film forming.
  • Effective smoldering suppression in cellulosic fabrics.
  • Enables significant reduction of bromine and antimony trioxide (ATO) and opens up the possibility of ATO free formulations.
  • Self binding; no additional binder needed
  • Excellent transparency
  • Easy incorporation in pigment printing systems
  • Compatibility with most textile finishing chemicals
  • Good pH stability
  • Supplied as an aqueous dispersion with up to 50% solids
  • Ability to achieve FR cotton/polyester fabrics durable up to 50 laundry cycles


Typical Properties:


milky suspension

Viscosity (cps)

Bromine Content (%)

Solids (%)


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