TexFRon® 9020


TexFRon® 9020

Bromine content (%):

General & Use:

TexFRon® 9020 is a water based dispersion which provides solutions for flame and smoldering suppression, when wash durable FR coating and backcoating formulations are required.

TexFRon® 9020 has the following properties:

  • Effective smoldering suppression in cellulosic fabrics
  • Best cost efficient FR solution for backcoating applications
  • Enables significant reduction in bromine and antimony trioxide (ATO) and opens the possibility of ATO free formulations
  • Low melt active component (240°F, 115°C)
  • Opportunity for lower latex levels
  • Ability to achieve fully laundry durable FR cotton fabrics
  • Good transparency
  • Easy incorporation in common binder systems
  • Compatibility with most textile finishing chemicals
  • Good pH stability
  • Supplied as an aqueous concentrate with up to 65% solids
  • Alternative system to Deca and HBCD based formulations

TexFRon® 9020 65% solids aqueous concentrate is a milky dispersion that contains 35% bromine. It is suitable for preparing durable textile coating formulations, especially to pass stringent standards such as BS-5852, NFPA-701 and 16 CFR 1633.


TexFRon® 9020 concentrate should be handled in a similar manner to customary BFRs. It is also important to note that TexFRon 9020 is provided as an aqueous dispersion; therefore comparisons with other solid FR products must be done on a percent Br and/or dry add-on basis.

Typical Properties:


milky white dispersion

Melting Temp (°C)

Solids (%)

Bromine (%)

need 30% less Br & 50% less ATO on fabric

Please note that the values indicated do not constitute specification limits. To obtain current specifications, refer to your local Sales Office/Representative or ICL-IP Head Office at address herein.

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