TexFRon 3000


TexFRon 3000

Chemical Name:
TexFRon 3000

Trade Secret

General & Use:

TexFRon® 3000 is an additive flame retardant developed for textile applications provides solutions for flame retardancy when soak and wash durable FR coating and back-coating formulations are required.
TexFRon® 3000 includes bromine and a phosphorus moiety. This combination is known to impart good flame retardancy due to the mutual action in the vapor and solid phases

  • Effective flame suppression in a variety of fabrics
  • Supplied as a fine powder
  • Good transparency
  • Easy incorporation in common binder systems
  • Compatibility with most textile finishing chemicals
  • Good pH stability
  • Ability to achieve soak/laundry durable FR fabrics
  • Opportunity for low or no ATO for synthetics

For health & safety matters please refer to MSDS.

Typical Properties:

Appearance                                      WHITE POWDER


Bromine Content %                                             70

Melting Point °C                                                  180

Thermogravimetric Analysis

(10° C/min, air):                                             

Weight Loss (%)                                                   °C


1          280  5 310

10                                                                        320

TexFRon® 3000 may be applied by a variety of application techniques including spray, pad, print, coat, foam and brush. It is most suitable for polyester, acrylic blends, polypropylene blends cotton/polyester blends and cotton fabrics. TexFRon® 3000 can be applied using continuous process (thermosol) under conditions that allow diffusion into the PET polymer.

Packaging:   15Kg bags
Storage and Handling:
Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area.  Avoid exposure to moisture. Avoid exposure to heat and to sunlight

Typical Properties:



Bromine Content %

Melting Point °C