PhosflexTM 418


PhosflexTM 418

Chemical Name:
Alkyl aryl phosphate ester


CAS Number:
27460-02-2, 142474-86-0, 56827-92-0
Phosphorus content (%):

General & Use:

PhosflexTM 418 is in the class of premium phosphate esters used for flame retarding flexible PVC. Some of the major advantages of using this material are its low volatility, excellent low temperature flexibility, low smoke generation and good flame retardancy. This alkyl aryl phosphate can be formulated to pass the difficult Steiner Tunnel test E-84 and UL equivalent FR protocols. It is one of the first choices in formulations of demanding FR vinyl wire and cable insulation and jacketing compounds. PhosflexTM 418 can also provide the necessary blend of properties required for other FR flexible vinyl applications such as sheet goods and films.

Typical Properties:


Physical Appearance
clear transparent liquid

Phosphorus Content (Wt.%)

Density @ 20°C (Kg/m³)

Viscosity @ 25°C (mPa.s)

Acidity (mg KOH/g)

Water Content (Wt.%)

Color APHA

Thermogravimetric Analysis, (10°C/min, air)

Weight Loss (%) °C 
10 235



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