PhosflexTM 375


PhosflexTM 375

Chemical Name:


General & Use:

Phosflex 375 is a proprietary plasticizer blend that offers both reasonable plasticizing performance in addition to enhanced flame retardant properties. This mixture is useful in a number of PVC applications including wallcovering, transparent sheet goods, laminated products or any other flexible vinyl composite requiring a high degree of flame retardancy.

Typical Properties:


g/cm3 @ 25°C

mPa @ 25°C

Phosphorus %


Moisture Content %

Thermogravimetric Analysis (10°C/min, air)

Weight Loss, % 0C
2 219
5 240
10 257


Typical Mechanical Properties in PVC

The information below demonstrates the effect of Phosflex 375 to mechanical properties in suspension
grade PVC as the primary FR plasticizer and in combination with other common flame retardant
additives. In general, Phosflex 375 shows excellent plasticizing characteristics and compares well to
isopropylated TPP phosphate esters (Phosflex 31L/41L). E- Modulus values are an indication of the
plasticizing efficiency of each plasticizer (the tensile strain of each composite at 100% elongation; lower
value – better plasticizer).


Please note that the values indicated do not constitute specification limits. To obtain current specifications, refer to your local Sales Office/Representative or ICL-IP Head Office at address herein.

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