Methyl Bromide 70%


Methyl Bromide 70%

Chemical Name:
Methyl Bromide 70%


CAS Number:
74-83-9 & 76-06-2

General & Use:

Mixtures of Methyl Bromide and Chloropicrin containing more than 2% of Chloropicrin, are used for soil fumigation purposes only, utilizing mechanized injection application methods. Chloropicrin is added as an active ingredient that effectively controls soil-borne fungi and bacteria. Since Methyl Bromide use is restricted, and the available quantities for soil fumigation are becoming limited, mixtures rich in Chloropicrin allow farmers to use less Methyl Bromide per area unit, without losing efficiacy of fumigation.

Major Features of Methyl Bromide and Chloropicrin mixtures are:
* Highly effective against a wide range of soil-borne pests.
* Penetration into undecomposed material.
* Good efficacy in a wide range of temperatures.
* Increased growth affects response.


BROMOPIC ®, containing 70% MBr and 30% Chloropicrin by weight, is a formulation of choice for soil fumigation.



Chloropicrin %

Methyl Br%(based on 99.7%)

Assay for MBr Only (by GC) %

Specific Gravity 0 C°
1.68 - 1.68


BROMOPIC ® is available in returnable 50 and 100 kg cylinders. Packaging specifications are available on request.


Please note that the values indicated do not constitute specification limits. To obtain current specifications, refer to your local Sales Office/Representative or ICL-IP Head Office at address herein.

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