Methyl Bromide 100%


Methyl Bromide 100%



CAS Number:

General & Use:

Methyl Bromide, a colorless gas, odorless at low concentrations; a colorless to straw-colored liquid under pressure or refrigeration, is a powerful fumigant used widely for quarantine & preshipment as well as space fumigation providing very efficient and economic control.
Major Features of Methyl Bromide are:

  • Highly effective against a wide range of pests.
  • Very short exposure period.
  • Penetration into undecomposed material.
  • Good efficacy in a wide range of temperatures.



Assay (weight %)

Specific Gravity 0 C°

Distillation Range at 760 mm Hg 3.5-5 C° % VOL

Acidity (as HBr) ppm


MBr 100% is available in returnable, 50 and 100 kg cylinders; 675 Kg steel cylinders and isotanks as well as in 454 g (1 lb.) and 681 g (1 .5 lb.) tinned steel cans.
Packaging specifications are available on request.


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