Our Management

Oren Avital-VP Supply Chain

VP Supply Chain

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Dr. Anantha Desikan - Vice President Flame Retardants

President ICL-IP North Amrica

Shay Misch - Vice President Business Development

Vice President Business Development

Shmuel Daniel - CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Ilan Elkan - Vice President Sustainability

Vice President Flame Retardants

  • Ilan Elkan  |

Rony Shamir - VP Human Resources

VP Human Resources

  • Rony Shamir 

Gabi Golan - Vice President Biocides

Vice President Biocides

  • Gabi Golan 

Meir Serfaty - Internal Auditor ICL-IP

Internal Auditor ICL-IP

  • Meir Serfaty 

Amir Meshulam - Company Secretary & Assistant To The President

Company Secretary & Assistant To The President

  • Amir Meshulam 

Ran Oren - Vice President BIP

Vice President BIP

  • Ran Oren 

Daniella Gez - President's Office Manager

President's Office Manager

  • Daniella Gez  

Rudi Borms - ICL-IP Europe President & CEO

ICL-IP Europe President & CEO