Environmental awareness has become a driver of extensive change in our industry. More stringent environmental regulations are creating the need for new, more eco-friendly products, while also requiring the structured management of every aspect of product development and cultural adaptation.

ICL-IP is unconditionally committed to sustainable development and environmental protection as a key to future success and long-term sustainability of operations.

Environmental activities focus on two areas:

  • Product portfolio: ICL-IP invests heavily to expand the portfolio of eco-friendly products including alternatives for those products that are being phased out
  • Operations: ICL-IP evaluates and manages internal processes and where necessary, redesigns them to reduce the environmental footprint. This makes operations more efficient but has been found also to reduce costs


Whilst compliance with environmental regulations is of top priority, we are committed to go ‘beyond compliance’ to further improve the environmental footprint of our operations and products.


Some examples of our exceptional environmental activities include:   

  • Convertion to natural gas: Our production facilities in Israel have converted or are in the process of converting to natural gas to power their operations. This is a cleaner and more economic source of energy than heavy fuel oil.
  •  Green Building: All new construction or renovation of our facilities is now conducted according to green building principles. Amongst other green building activities, the ICL-IP main office “Makleff” building was the first green renovated building in Israel.
  •  Reducing our GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions:
    • We have mapped the carbon footprint of 19 of our products and annually measure the GHG emissions of our global facilities.
    • We are presently implementing a comprehensive program of activities to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Implementing environmental criteria in our product development: We have adopted the use of a ‘sustainability index’ to ensure that our products have a minimum negative and maximum positive environmental impact throughout their lifecycles.
  •  “Green Plant” Certification: The Bromine Compounds Ltd. plant of ICL-IP achieved certification as an Outstanding Green Plant according to the ICL internal “Green Plant” certification program. As part of adopting a green approach and sustainable policy at ICL, a program for internal certification of the Company’s sites and plants to a binding standard was established. Since no such standard was known to exist “ICL developed a proprietary standard to highlight the importance that the Company attributes to its sustainability policy. This standard is unique in that it does not involve activities to comply with environmental legislation, standards or requirements but is based on parameters that go beyond compliance, such as activities to conserve non-renewable resources (e.g. water, fuels), waste recycling and management, green building and encouraging employees to find green solutions. This is the standard for which the plant was certified at the “Outstanding” level.