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Magnesia Products

The magnesia products division of ICL-IP is a global leader in specialty magnesia and calcium carbonate.

The division offers a wide range of magnesium and calcium compounds.

The worldwide magnesia annual consumption is about 2 million tons of magnesia products, Used in Agriculture, construction environmental and general chemical grades. The high purity magnesia applications are located At the top of the pyramid.

The magnesia products division offers a wide range of “top-of the line” magnesium oxide, hydroxide, and carbonate, Establishing the division as a world leader in the high purity magnesia chemicals’ niche.

These products are produced under international Standards, and comply with the most stringent regulations of the different end-user industries.

The division consists of two plants, producing magnesia by different methods, enabling a wide spectrum of tailored made solutions.

Located in Caffiers, France, Scora, manufactures magnesium carbonate and oxides for food, pharmaceutical and transformer steel applications, using the Pattinson process.

Scora also produces calcium carbonate, (Scoralite ®), of exceptionally high purity using proprietary technology. This form of calcium carbonate has exceptional physical properties, making it highly valued in the pharmaceutical ,  food and nutritional industries for its superior taste and mouth-feel.

The second location is Dead Sea Periclase, the division’s main production site, resides in the Israeli Negev desert.

The endless source of brines which serve as raw materials of Periclase plant, are concentrated naturally-occurring solutions of dissolved salts, from the dead sea water. By using a simple and natural solar evaporation, Dead Sea Periclase achieves an exceptionally high concentration of magnesium chloride in the brines, without using any external chemical intervention.

Thermal decomposition of the brine in the Aman reactor is accomplished by the combustion of clean fuels.

The Aman reactor product is washed to a purity exceeding 99.5% and then directed along the various process streams.

The magnesia products division sets quality as its highest virtue. Quality control laboratories carry out sophisticated analyses to ensure compliance with manufacturing specifications of over 150 magnesia and calcium grades.

These products are applied in different applications such as food and Pharma, rubber and plastics, industrial products and transformer steel.

In order to keep the products pharmaceutically clean, they are packed under the conditions demanded by the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice.

The division operates its own sales centers, agents and distributers all over the world, providing its customers with comprehensive technical and development support for the wide range of the division’s products.

The magnesia products division – are world’s purest available magnesia and calcium compounds.


Magnesia Products


Magnesia & Calcium Products