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Functional Fluids

General Description of Products and Applications
Power Generation

Steam Turbine electro-hydraulic control system application:

1st Generation

Fluid trixylenyl phosphate – FYRQUEL® EHC Ntrixylenyl phosphate – FYRQUEL® L

2nd Generation

Fluidtrixylenyl & t-butyl phenyl phosphate – FYRQUEL® EHC

Next Generation

Fluid Improved t-butyl phenyl phosphate – FYRQUEL® EHC PLUS Fyrquel® EHC Plus features a lower cost and a more sustainable product design. It is made with a new improved more stable base stock, is biodegradable, has improved air properties, offers longer service life and features a worker friendly hazard profile that is equal to or better than any other fluid.

nts Risk of fire can be a major concern when using conventional petroleum oil based fluids or when using fluids made from synthetic fluids that are not self-extinguishing. ICL-IP’s Fyrquel® fluids are phosphate ester type synthetic non aqueous fire resistant fluids that are available in a range of viscosities. Phosphate ester type fluids offer needed self-extinguishing fire resistance for many critical hydraulic fluid and lubricant applications, including the following:

Steam turbine electro-hydraulic control systems Gas Turbine Lubricant Steel and aluminum furnace hydraulics Die cast hydraulics Reciprocating air compressors.

The following video clearly demonstrates how Fyrquel® fluids offer superior fire protection compared to other types of synthetic fluids. Non phosphate ester type synthetic fluids that are often promoted as alternates for the proven Fyrquel® phosphate ester fluids are easily shown in this short video continuing burning once ignited. This is unlike Fyrquel® phosphate ester fluids which are inherently self-extinguishing and do not sustain their own combustion.

For a demonstration of Fyrquel® efficiency in reducing fire hazard of lubricating fluids watch this.

Gas Turbine Lubricant:

  • t-butyl phenyl phosphate based – FYRQUEL® GT

General Hydraulics:

  • t-butyl phenyl Phosphate Based FYRQUEL® 150 ISO 32 VISCOSITY

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