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20 million fires involving private dwellings, public buildings, discos, trains, buses and subways are claiming tens thousands of lives, injuring hundreds thousands of people and costing more than 40 billion dollars to the community worldwide! These facts should awaken authorities and consumers organizations to require urgent improvement in matter of fire safety.

ICL-IP offers unique FR solutions to various industrial segments:

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 ICL-IP FRs Brochure Construction & Building  Automotive & Transportation  E&E Equipment Flame Retardants in Polyurethane Foams Textile Applications

Several means exist to improve fire safety.Among them are treatment of flammable objects by fire retardants and use of sprinklers and smoke detectors.

While the effectiveness of sprinklers and smoke detectors is dependent on proper maintenance, flame retardants are fully reliable and serve as the last frontier by providing the critical escape time needed to save lives and property.

ICL-IP is developing solutions to enhance consumer safety, while being committed to environmental concerns; all our products are backed with encompassing toxicological and environmental research, international regulations, directives such as US EPA DfE program, EU RoHS and WEEE Directives,  EU REACH Regulation and voluntary safety programs and initiatives such as, VECAPProducts Stewardship, and Responsible Care.

Moreover, scientific studies show that brominated flame retardants (BFRs)  are playing also an important factor in reducing emission of toxic smoke during full-scale fires or incineration.

ICL-IP’s flame retardants portfolio consists of additives, polymeric and reactive (monomeric) products, based on brominephosphorus and as well as mineral based.

BFRs, the main players in the flame retardants family, are known for their efficiency and are suitable for use in most polymeric systems, and are applied in E&E, building & construction and in automotive & transportation industries.

From a product-life-cycle perspective, and compared to other FRs, plastics treated with BFRs provide improved recycling profile, by retaining a high proportion of their initial properties.

Recording of the BBC program aired during September 2014 on bromine.


Flame Retardants


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