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Emission Control Materials

Coal burning power plants are the largest source for anthropogenic mercury pollution in the environment. The EPA, US National Research Council, the World Health Organization and  other health agencies agree that reduction of this pollutant is required in order to maintain human health.

Bromine containing compounds, added to the coal, injected into the boiler or impregnated on sorbents can be used to oxidize mercury effluent, thereby enhancing the overall removal of mercury in downstream pollution control equipment.

MERQUEL® products are based on a mercury oxidizing agent recommended for use when coal-fired power generators and incinerators need to reduce mercury emissions. MERQUEL® products act through an oxidation process whereby mercury present in the flue gas is oxidized into  ionic species, which are removable via downstream pollution control devices.

MERQUEL® products can be applied through direct spraying on to the ground coal feed injected into the boiler or by bromination of activated carbon injected into the flue gas. Tests have shown that applying low concentrations of MERQUEL® can result in high mercury removal rates.

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