BROMAID is a consortium among European bromine companies to provide mutual aid in the event of an emergency and to improve product stewardship practices to maximize bromine safety in transport and use.

The arrangement serves to supplement the steps taken by the individual companies to ensure that suitable arrangements are made, not only for the safe movement of hazardous goods but also for minimising the damage or injury which could arise should an incident occur
in any stage of distribution.

Each participating company has a system for receiving emergency messages at any hour, day or night, and for relaying those messages to the appropriate company officials. This ensures that expert advice can be quickly given and that, if the situation warrants, a trained team of specialists can be sent to deal with the incident.

The company which has supplied the bromine, accepts the general obligation to respond to the emergency. The arrangement, however, provides for another of the participating companies to respond according to where the emergency takes place so as to save time, provide reinforcement or lessen the effects of the incident.

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