Application - Unsaturated polyester (UPE)


Unsaturated polyester (UPE)

Being the simplest, most versatile, economical and widely used family of resins, unsaturated polyesters are widely used in the Building/Construction market as well as in Transportation.

Reinforced matrices can be compression molded, filament wound, continuously pultruded, injection molded, centrifugally cast, corn-formed and cold molded.

FR-522 (Dibromoneopentyl glycol), a reactive flame retardant, contains 60% aliphatic bromine. Its high purity (99%) is of benefit to the formulator where high light stability and translucency are required.

F-2001, FR-1410 or FR-1210 can also be used as FR additives, in combination with ATH, Antimony Tri-oxide and Fyrol® phosphorus based FRs to provide UPEs for commodity applications with high standard of flame-retardancy.