Application - Swimming Pools & SPA


Swimming Pools & SPA

As a major producer of chlorinated isocyanurates (CDB®s) Clearon is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of biocides. This unique position gives us strategic advantage in the supply of sanitizers to the swimming pool and SPA market. Our manufacturing and processing facilities in South Charleston, West Virginia give us the ability to produce these and other supplementary products in a wide variety of physical forms and packages.

Our CDB® line of chlorinated isocyanurates have been widely accepted as the most economical and effective sanitizers for pools and SPAs. Chlorine is an ideal disinfectant, germicide, algaecide and anti-slime agent. Free chlorine will oxidize and eliminate organic contaminants by killing bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses. The advantage of the CDB Clearon® products is that when dissolved in water they produce free chlorine and cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid protects the active chlorine from decomposition by shielding it against ultraviolet light. Thus CDB products decompose slowly and will last up to four times longer than bleach or calcium hypochlorite. CDB’s also dissolve completely, leaving the water perfectly clear with none of the residue or scaling problems associated with some other sources of chlorine.

Whether you are looking for bulk quantities of our branded CDB Clearon® isocyanurates or Halobrom®, or private labeled packages  can be offered.