Application - Quarantine Preshipment (QPS)


Quarantine Preshipment (QPS)

MBr is recommended for building, railroad-car, shiphold, container, and vacuum fumigation. It is widely used to fumigate bulk, sacked and packaged grains and pulses, and their products, in silos (elevators), bins, stacks, flour mills and cereal processing plants. MBr is applied in warehouses to control pests of tobacco and spices, coffee and cocoa beans and their products, rice, feedcakes and meals, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. MBr is also used in quarantine fumigation to eradicate pests in timber, live nursery stock, bulbs, plants and trees, and in cut flowers and foliage. In silos equipped with forced-air circulation, MBr is very efficient at reduced dosages. In silos lacking forced-air circulation, MBr can be applied by the hot gas method provided that the structure is gastight, the height does not exceed 25 m and the diameter is less than 10 m. In broad terms, dry goods at 15°C (60°F) and NAP (normal atmospheric pressures) require treatment for 16-24 hours with 24-64g/m³ (oz/1000 ft3). Lower dosages and exposure times are needed at higher temperatures and lower pressures. The recommended dosages kill insects at all stages.