Application - Soil Fumigation / Methyl Bromide


Soil Fumigation / Methyl Bromide

MBr is always applied before planting. MBr may be used prior to sowing, seeding, planting or replanting a whole range of cultivated crops to control soil-borne pests such as nematodes, annual and perennial weeds and weed seeds, soil-borne fungi, insects and parasitic plants which flourish during intensive agriculture. In practice, MBr is used where cultivation is intensive and soil disinfestation is mandatory for the maintenance of high crop quality and yields, e.g. for hothouse and protected crops, for seedbeds and nurseries, for flower and high-value vegetable field crops, and prior to planting and replanting in deciduous orchards, vineyards and citrus groves. MBr may be applied either as liquid ("cold gas method") or vaporized ("hot gas method") by both manual and mechanized injection methods.