Application - Rubbers and Elastomers


Rubbers and Elastomers

ICL-IP offers Flame Retardants for Rubber and Elastomers applications. These solutions are suitable for EPDM, NBR, SBR and TPU.

FR-1410, FR-1210 (not RoHS compliant) may be used as flame-retardants for Elastomers compositions (crosslinkable or not). Important end uses are wire and cable (W&C) and conveyor belts for the mining industry.
FR-20 (Magnesium Hydroxide with various surface treatments) is used as a halogen-free flame-retardant with low smoke properties or in combination with am BFRs.

For TPU, best options are brominated polymeric F-2400 or recently introduced FyrolflexTM Sol-DP, an  easy to handle halogen free free flowing powder.