Application - PP and copolymers


PP and copolymers

Polypropylene (PP) and its copolymers are one of the largest group of resins worldwide. PP is found in many market sectors: packaging, textile, building, automotive, commodities, electrical appliances and office equipment.  PP applications include unreinforced and reinforced ones. As PP is highly flammable, durable applications require Fire Retardancy. Lower levels of Fire Retardancy can be obtained by addition of flame retardants, based wholly or partly on aliphatic bromine that are efficient but often do not prevent dripping. It is in general more difficult to reach higher levels of Fire Retardancy requiring non-dripping without adding large amounts of flame retardants generally based on aromatic bromine and/or magnesium hydroxide. Most of the BFR applications request antimony trioxide as a synergist. As shown in the list at the right-hand side, ICL-IP offers a broad line of Flame-Retardants (FRs) and tailor-made solutions for PP applications. Additional FR systems such as SaFRon® 5371 are tailor made to address niche PP applications like antimony trioxide free V-2/dripping V-0 PP compounds. These FRs have undergone extensive toxicological and environmental testing and have been proven to pose no risk to health and the environment. For Fibers applications, FR-370 and SaFRon® 5371 are solutions of choice for excellent processability and UV stability.