Application - Polyamide



Glass reinforced and unreinforced polyamides are widely used in the engineering, automotive/ transportation, computer, electrical/electronic and apparel applications. Polyamides are resistant to solvents, oils and bases and present the following advantages: good strength, fatigue and creep resistance, low coefficient of friction, low permeability to gases and hydrocarbons, properties retention over a wide temperature range. Like other crystalline polymer, polyamides tend to shrink after molding. Moisture absorption plays a major role in the prediction of dimensions and other important properties of polyamides .

Glass reinforced polyamides are flame retarded by the following ICL-IP products: FR-1410, FR-1025, FR-803P, F-3100 and F-2400. FR-803P is the product of choice when high CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) is required.

Potassium Bromide (KBr) is used in combination with Copper Iodide as heat stabilizer in polyamides compounds.  Polyamides’ thermal stabilization is needed when polyamide based end-products are subjected to elevated temperature for long periods of time during useful service time. Potassium Bromide is a drop-in replacement of Potassium Iodide and its combination with Cupper Iodide in polyamide exhibits similar and excellent thermal, mechanical and colorimetric performances.