Application - PE and copolymers


PE and copolymers

Polyethylene can be categorized into linear (LLDPE and HDPE) or branched (LDPE, EVA) polymers.  Polyethylene exhibits good clarity, chemical resistance, durability and high processability.  Polyethylene applications include films/sheets, wire and cables, pipes, foamed product for thermal insulation, packaging goods and fibers.

EVA with high acetate content is used for the production of Flame Retarded hot melt adhesives. EVA is applied as well in packaging of high value electronics and in photovoltaic encapsulants and protective sheets.

ICL-IP offers Flame Retardant products for numerous Polyethylene applications, including polymeric dust-free solutions.

For halogen free systems, FR-20 (Magnesium Hydroxide) with adequate surface treatment enables use of high processing temperature and gives optimal tensile properties.