Application - PC/ABS



PC/ABS is a family of alloys suitable for a wide range of engineering applications. They are characterized by their excellent impact and heat resistance.

Their main applications are enclosures for business equipment and electrical appliances, such as for notebook computers and cellular phones. PC/ABS are also used for the production of mechanical parts for computer and business equipment such as fans and carriages.

Phosphorus based fire retardants systems based on FyrolflexTM RDP, BDP or recently introduced Sol-DP, an  easy to handle free flowing powder, allow achieving highest level of fire retardancy for E&E equipment housing applications.

When high heat distortion temperature is required, it is then recommended to use polymeric brominated FR  systems based on high molecular weight F-2400, F-3100 or FR-1025. ICL-IP also recommends to consider the use of its proprietary SaFRon®  5531, a polymeric FR system with built-in anti-dripping properties that can be used as a stand-alone FR or in combination with others. Antimony trioxide is not needed in most PC/ABS applications.