Application - ABS (V-0)


ABS (V-0)

ABS plays a very important role in the electronics, automotive and appliances industries. It is used for the production of housings for computers and office equipment such as printing/copying machines, scanners and remote controls. Its flammability involves a real hazard to users and it has been necessary to significantly improve its Fire Retardancy. This has been achieved mainly by the use of brominated fire retardants, employing antimony trioxide as a synergist.

To achieve the highest level of fire safety (UL 94 V-0 and 5V), brominated flame retardants (FRs) are employed. ICL-IP offers a range of solutions to meet specific requirements for various applications

ABS flame retarded by brominated flame retardants is advantageously replacing much more expensive, less aesthetic and difficult to process alloys based on PC ABS or PPO-HIPS. They are also preferred for their recyclability. These FRs have undergone extensive toxicological and environmental testing and have been proven to pose no risk to health and the environment. Furthermore, being compliant with the European RoHS Directive, their use is approved in E&E equipment.