Application - FR Intermediate


FR Intermediate

FR-1524 (Tetrabromobisphenol A - TBBA) has two phenolic -OH groups and can readily be reacted to provide more sophisticated flame retardants, oligomers or FR polymers.
Add-on groups include hydroxyethyl ether, dibromopropyl ether and allyl ether.
Oligomers include phenoxy-terminated carbonate oligomers which may terminate with FR-613 (Tribromophenol - TBP).
Polymers include both epoxy and phenolic resins.

FR-513 (Tribromoneopentyl alcohol - TBNPA) is a reactive flame retardant containing more than 70% aliphatic bromine. It combines a high bromine content with exceptional stability and is particularly suitable where thermal, hydrolitic and light stability are required.
A major use of FR-513 is as a reactive intermediate for high molecular weight flame retardants, particularly in combination with phosphorous.

FR-613 (Tribromophenol - TBP) is a reactive flame retardant with a high content of aromatic bromine, used mainly as an intermediate for polymeric flame retardants, including end-capping of brominated epoxies.