Application - Food Additives


Food Additives

Industrial Chemicals Potassium Bromate and its mixtures with Magnesium Carbonate are used in the baking industry. This material improves the baking process, giving the product texture and quality. Other traits, such as making the bread longer lasting (staleness) are also important. However, the most important aspect of Potassium Bromate is the ability to improve on any quality of wheat and grains used in the baking process. In the cases of bad crop yield in quality, Potassium Bromate improves the quality and allows the wheat to be used normally in the baking process. Dead Sea Salts Salt is an important ingredient of the human diet. It is widely used as a taste additive (table salt) and plays an important role as a preservative, binder, texture aid and as a fermentation control agent in the food industry.